Tuesday, May 1 2012


Konzertabend mit Misha Feigin (RU) & Heinz-Peter Hoffmann (DE) Improv mit Balalaika und Double Bass, sowie Albatre (IT/NL) - jazz core


Misha Feigin & Heinz-Peter Hoffmann

Misha Feigin was born and raised in Moscow and is known as one of Russia's premiere guitarists. When he immigrated to the US in 1990, he left behind an established position in the Moscow arts scene highlighted by his four albums on the Melodia label, features on major radio and television shows, and national and international tours. He began recording free improvised music in 1986 in Moscow with Auction's Dimitry Matkovsky. He also performed with the Russian pop-folk star Janna Bichevskaya. Misha performed improvised music at the Vancouver Jazz Festival, at the Birmigham Improv. Festival, and in New York at the Knitting Factory, Tonic, and the Stone. He has played with Elliot Sharp, Eugene Chadbourne and Amy Denio, John Russell, LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Craig Hultgren, Toshi Makihara, Peter Kowalt, Leonid Soybelman, and Sergei Letov. He has played in concerts in 47 US States, Canada, Israel, England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Russian and English are heard throughout Misha's dynamic performances, which incorporate original poetry and spontaneous storytelling. He plays classical and acoustic guitars, balalaika, keyboards, harmonica. Feigin's music is a blend of various ethnic idioms and musical styles. His five US releases are "Only One Road", "Only Once", and "Dreams" with original folk music in Russian and English on Dreaming People Records, and "Spontaneous Folks' Music" and "June in Moscow" with free improvised music on Spontaneous Folks' Records. His German release is "Improv Songbook" (together with Robert W. Gerlach). Misha's CD on Leo Records, "Both Kinds of Music", features duos with Elliott Sharp, Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Craig Hultgren, and Eugene Chadbourne.

Albatre (IT/NL)

Hugo Costa: saxophone, Goncalo Almeida: bass, Philipp Ernsting: drums Albatre is a fresh new free jazz core / experimental trio hailing from Rotterdam. A joyously harrowing display of jazz elements, urgent distorted noise, frantic drumming and mood shifts bordering on the schizophrenic. Albatre's ass-kick music is more than the sum of the individual band member's backgrounds, forging one's abilities to create intriguing sounds.