Grundtvig - Learning Partnerships

Stubnitz is part of the Grundtvig - Learning Partnerships - Network. The Grundtvig Network is dedicated to provide contacts and financial help to a "lifelong learning program" between people and organisations from different countries all across Europe. Therefor we joined the DIY - Do It Yourself! - group that's been established with people from Poland, England, Slovakia, Germany and other European countries, sharing their skills for a self empowerment. The official description of the Grundtvig programme itself: "The Grundtvig programme focuses on the teaching and study needs of learners taking adult education and ‘alternative’ education courses, as well as the organisations delivering these services. It aims to help develop the adult education sector, as well as enable more people to undertake learning experiences, notably in other European countries." (taken from official website). For further informations on Stubnitz working with Grundtvig, please visit the following link: Grundtvig - Learning Partnerships Database