Stubnitz in MED

The STUBNITZ IN MED project is a joint initiative between MS STUBNITZ and the following associations : BI-POLE in Marseilles, TIMITAR in Agadir, and ACOUSMATIK in Beyruth. It is sponsored by the ANNA LINDH foundation to promote dialogue between cultures. This project aims to encourage a cultural Euro-Mediterranean dialogue through the participation of independent artists from both geographical areas via a mobile multi-discipline festival: the MS STUBNITZ tour in the Mediterranean. The first organizational phase was started in December 2009 thanks to the support of the Anna Lindh foundation: it will run for two years and will focus on putting together a variety of artists from both shores of the Mediterranean in order to prepare a program for the festival. The second phase – the actual festival – will take place on MS STUBNITZ, the ideal cultural platform for exhibits, documentaries and advertising of MEDA’s cultural diversity as well as expanding the contacts between European and South Mediterranean cultural landscapes. Apart from being reported and published, the festival will offer a vast source of information about cultural activities around the Mediterranean, the resulting network for cultural Mediterranean integration continuing to function and grow thereafter.Stubnitz old